The white devil

A group of friends in their thirties start a road trip across the country. In one of their stops, in a cottage complex, Fernando has a weird encounter with a mysterious man. Their ideal group vacations are ruined when the young daughter of the complex’s administrator appears dead. The mysterious man will appear again in Fernando’s premonitory nightmares, and the group will get trapped in a hostile town under the powerful and malignant influence of an old local legend


Ignacio Rogers was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September, 1987. He studied filmmaking in the film school CIEVIC (Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica) in Buenos Aires where he directed his first shorts films: “Cuento” (Story), “Entrevista” (Interview) and “Sábado Uno” (Saturday One). “Sábado Uno” won best short film in BAFICI XII. “The White Devil” is his first feature film as director and script writer, and was premiere in Argentina in July, 2019. Currently, he is developing two new TV projects series as director and script writer: “The Valley” and “Remote City”.

– “Saturday One”, 2010. – Best Short Film in BAFICI XII.

– “The White Devil”, 2019.

· Official Selection in International Competition “Vanguardia y Género” in BAFICI XXI. Buenos Aires, 2019.

· First price winner in 13ª Gudalajara Coproduction Market. Guadalajara, 2017.