The dark cinema

Four filmmaker friends rent a once grand but long decommissioned cinema in the outskirts of a rural town for the traveling film festival that they are organizing.The cinema is steeped in a dark and horrific history that they are not fully aware of.They are joined by Riya, a foreign NGO worker from India, who has a unique sensitivity to paranormal occurrences and ghostly presences. In freakish out-of-season heavy downpours, they are holed up in the cinema as electricity and lines of communications are cut out. One of them accidentally smears with blood from his opened wound on a magical tablet that is laced with curses that he discovers. And paranormal activities born out of the curses from the past begin to terrorize the hapless gang.Together, they have to muster their courage, resort to their practical knowledge, depending only on each other, and face the relentless evil of the cursed cinema. Or they will face unspeakable, horrific consequences that this unforgiving place lashes out at them.


Pyae Zaw PhyoProducer/ Director/ Writer

I started as an assistant editor in the film industry of our country Myanmar in 2013. Then I was selected for a filmmaking workshop of Human Dignity Film Institute which organized Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival. It was the beginning of my independent filmmaker life.Then, I made and produced some short films and documentary films by myself. I mostly submitted, contacted and searched the filmmaking workshops and film festivals for my scripts and films. I got some awards from festivals.I was working as an intern associate director for an India Independent feature film project in 2015 and early 2016. After went back from India I tried to startas a professional director in the film industry of our country.I started my first feature film project in 2017, shot in 2018 and released in 2019. I worked as a writer/ director.It was selected in some film festivals and got a few awards. It was also a good box office film in local.I also started my own production in 2019 named Skyward Film Production.Since I was working seven years in the film industry and after releasing my film, I decided to start my own production and I plan to produce some projects of the young talented filmmakers. For the future, I would like to become a Producer/Director and make some decent films.