According to an ancient tradition, in one of the central Iran village which is faced with intensive drought , the village elders decide to perform tradition of Qanat Bride (is a gently sloping underground channel to transport water from an aquifer or water well to surface for irrigation and drinking).Tradition in which a virgin girl marries Qanat and every week she rinses herself with Qanat water till Qanat gets fertile .But actually she remains unmarried to the end of her life .


Vahid Zarrabi Nasab

Born in May29,1980 in Tehran

Master of Science in Film and Television Directorate (Farabi Institute of Higher Education)

Producer, writer and director of the cinematic film ,The Crypt

Secretary of the First Cinematic Water Film Festival

Film critic and director of the International Cinematic Service of Monthly Journal “Art”

Deputy Secretary and Executive Director of the First and Second Film Festival of reporting a concern

The author of the script and director of the Film “Restless Days”

Film critic and editorial director of the Silk Road, Arman, Shahrara weekly magazine

Compilation of the book around the world in 45 minutes

Selected Best Cinematic Review of Young Journalists’ Festival