Sales Policies and Sales Agreement

Sales Policies and Sales Agreement

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce (“Law”), all of the introductory information about Erkay Salih Kantar is updated in the section titled “About Us” on our site. As Erkay Salih Kantar, our goal is; The easiest way to buy your live broadcast ticket as soon as possible. We have designed our Sales Policy and Sales Agreement below to make you satisfied as a customer and to inform you about the purchase process on This Sales Policy and Agreement also form part of our Terms of Use. By signing up and / or purchasing tickets to our website, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Use, the Sales Policy and the Agreement and the Privacy Statement. In the event that you have a request or complaint unlike the sales policy and / or contract terms, we recommend that you visit the Help page and / or contact us at the contact numbers listed on our site before purchasing any tickets and confirming your order. By purchasing tickets from our site and confirming your order, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Therefore, when you purchase tickets from our site, we strongly emphasize that the following Contract provisions will apply to all processes, procedures and procedures related to event tickets.

Also, by confirming your order; before purchasing the ticket;

a) All necessary information and contact addresses about our company

b) All the features of the ticket and service you bought, as well as the total ticket / service price including all taxes and all additional costs, if any,

c) Payment, delivery, performance information and complaints arranged in the contract

d) You agree, declare and undertake that you do not have the right to withdraw from the Contract Regulation or Article 15 (g) of the Distance Contracts Regulation and that you know all the provisions regulated in the contract. Before we approve your orders, we further and strongly emphasize that your prior informed consent has been received in writing, and that prior approval is an integral part of this contract. In addition, we would like you to know that you are clearly and comprehensively informed about this contract and pre-approval and that you will “be under the obligation to pay if your ticket purchase order is approved”.

Terms and Conditions for Tickets

1. My Open Stage, as an online live broadcast and / or physical ticket sales portal, sells online tickets on behalf of the “organizer, event venue, club or theaters” (hereinafter referred to as “Event Organizer”), which organizes the event from which you purchased the ticket, and it charges a service fee per ticket, but does not have the right or authority to set ticket prices or seats. The purchaser of the ticket declares and undertakes that he has bought the ticket he has purchased exclusively for his personal use, without any commercial purpose, unless explicitly authorized by the event organizer or his representatives, and will not use the ticket for any commercial business or activity, unless he / she has received written consent. For example, the purchased ticket cannot be sold to third parties in any way, nor can it be offered to sell the ticket for an additional fee or otherwise; The tickets purchased may not be used for promotional or other commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising, contests, and sweepstakes. Selling the ticket at a price higher than the price written on it, or attempting to sell it, or subjecting it to any other commercial savings, is a justifiable reason for My Open Stage to seize the ticket and / or to cancel the ticket without qualifying for any refund or other requests.

2. The Event Organizer can cancel events or change their dates for a variety of reasons. In this case, the organizer determines and announces the procedure to be applied. My Open Stage is not responsible for canceling the event and / or changing the event date, but the Organizer is responsible. It is your responsibility to inform the announcements made on whether the event has been canceled and the new date and time of an event that has been changed. If an event is canceled or the date is changed, we will make reasonable efforts to notify ticket holders of the cancellation or change, subject to the condition that we receive the necessary authorization from the Event Organizer. However, we cannot make any commitment and / or guarantee that ticket holders will be informed of the cancellation or change strictly before the event date.

3. As a rule, all ticket sales are final. You do not have the right to withdraw from the tickets you have purchased in accordance with Article 15 (g) of the Distance Contracts Regulation. Except for the cancellation of the event, the tickets sold are not canceled, changed and refunded after the sale process. However, in cases where the ticket holder is not able to attend the event that has been changed, the ticket holders can be refunded. Refund amounts are limited to the fee printed on the purchased ticket and the related service fee applied per ticket, and it is not possible to request a transaction fee or any other fee. However, if the event is canceled or postponed, the Event Organizer has the right to impose some restrictions on the reimbursement terms, as well as the right to make changes to the program. It is your responsibility to comply with the organizer’s final return request dates and other instructions regarding refunds. No tickets and / or refunds can be made outside the return dates set by the Organizer. In this context, My Open Stage does not take any responsibility. You can find more information about canceled or changed events on our website.

4. Therefore, if you do not want your personal information to be shared with the event organizer, you must carefully read the “Privacy Statement”, which is an integral part of this contract, before completing the order and purchasing the ticket, as the event organizer has the right to refuse to sell tickets to you. My Open Stage will not be liable if you cannot sell tickets because you do not wish to share your personal information with the event organizer.

5. My Open Stage is not under any other obligations, commitments and responsibilities regarding tickets / ticket sales and / or events, except for the price printed on the ticket and the related service fee. You acknowledge, agree and acknowledge that My Open Stage’s liability is limited to this item and that you will not accept My Open Stage responsible for any matter whatsoever, beyond the limit of liability in this article.

6. If you want to get information about ticket purchase, you can call Customer Service with the reference number we have given you when completing your transaction.

7. Our website has been prepared in Turkish and English. In case of any difference and / or contradiction between the texts, the Turkish text is taken as reference.

8. Commercial electronic messages within the scope of the contract can be sent to you provided your prior consent is obtained. Please note that this approval can be obtained in writing or by any means of electronic communication, so if you do not wish to send commercial electronic messages under the contract, you should remove the check mark in the “sending electronic messages” section. You also have the right to refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time, without giving any reason. However, if you provide your contact information for the purpose of contacting yourself, we also state that there will be no further approval for changes to the services provided and / or commercial electronic messages for use. In addition, it is legally possible to communicate for marketing, promotion and / or change services related to the same or similar services, without your prior consent, if your contact information is obtained by providing you with the opportunity to refuse and inform you about such communication. However, you reserve the right to refuse such communications and withdraw your consents, and it is sufficient to submit this request to us in any way.

9. This contract text is stored by My Open Stage data after the contract is established and you can easily access this contract from the “Our Policies” section of our site as of the revision dates. If you wish, you can easily access the physical copy of the contract by printing it out. Therefore, we would like you to know that the terms of the contract and the general transaction conditions are easily provided and stored by you. Your access to the contract will continue in direct proportion to the provision of access to our site.

10. The privacy rules regarding the use of our site and this agreement are specified in detail in the “Privacy Statement” section of our “Policies” section. In this context, we hereby inform you that you will have to carefully read the terms of the Privacy Statement, examine it and if you have different requests, you will need to inform us. The Privacy Statement is an annex and an integral part of this Agreement, and will be applied and expressly applied in conjunction with the Agreement. Therefore, by expressing this Agreement and / or order, we strongly indicate that you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Privacy Statement.

11. All terms of the contract are clearly visible to you, including the total price you will pay at the time of order confirmation and before entering the payment information. Therefore, by purchasing the ticket and confirming the order, we repeat that you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this contract and we remind you once again that you have to carefully review all the terms of the contract before confirming the order.

12. My Open Stage is responsible for the storage and security of personal data about you. We also state that your personal data may not be transmitted to third parties except for the organizer of the event where you bought your ticket without your consent and cannot be used for any other purposes than those notified to you. However, if you do not want your personal information to be shared even with the event organizer, you must contact us at 0 533 334 25 31 and / or e-mail “” before completing the order. Because some organizers have the right to refuse to sell tickets to customers who do not have personal information for security reasons or for other reasons. In addition, we state that you can access all the detailed information regarding the protection and use of your personal data in the “Privacy Statement” section of our Site, in the “Our Policies” section, and we repeat that the Privacy Statement is an integral and integral part of this Agreement.

13. All of these terms and conditions are subject to Turkish Law.

My Open Stage; Before purchasing your ticket, we also inform all consumers about the terms and content of the contract in advance, and by purchasing the ticket and confirming the order, you will be deemed to have accepted that you have been informed about the arrangements of this contract and that this article is a means of proof in writing.

In the event of any dispute arising out of this Agreement and / or service or ticket purchases, it is our primary goal to try to resolve the dispute primarily. However, in cases that cannot be resolved with peace, we would like you to know that you, the consumers, who purchase tickets from our site may take their potential problems to the Consumer Arbitration Committees and / or to the Consumer Courts within the monetary limits published in the relevant legislation. In addition, we state that Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices will be competent in all disputes arising from the contract and that this provision is a “jurisdiction contract”.